Kim Calvert


Cottonsoft welcomes APP’s one million hectare conservation pledge

Asia Pulp and Paper’s (APP) commitment to support and restore the conservation of one million hectares of forest across Indonesia is welcome news to the team here at Cottonsoft. It will have a significant impact on the landscapes both in and around our affiliate’s plantation concessions in Indonesia.

As a supplier of raw materials to our business, it is great to see APP announce this ground breaking initiative which builds on its
existing commitment to zero deforestation.

This announcement comes just over a year since APP launched its sector-leading Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), across its supply chain.

The commitment, which covers an area double the size of the Auckland region, was developed with input from a number of stakeholders,including WWF and several Indonesian NGOs. It sets a new standard in protection of the world’s valuable forests and ensures the future protection of endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, orangutan and elephant.

We have welcomed and been impressed with APP’s many sustainability developments to date and this latest announcement is another significant step forward for the APP business and the preservation of Indonesia’s natural forests.

Here in New Zealand, we are grateful for the support we have received from APP through the process of earning the Environmental Choice New Zealand eco-label. To achieve this, ECNZ assessors looked at every facet of our supply chain, starting from the trees through to the converting in Dunedin and Auckland of the final product you see on supermarket shelves.

This combined with sourcing only plantation and PEFC-certified fibre solidifies our commitment to provide sustainable products to our customers. We continue to maintain a strong environmental record and with the support of APP, we are proud to be leading the market with our sustainability practices.