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Cottonsoft’s “Give a Crap” bowel cancer campaing raises awareness and donations

marked CottonSofts 24-packs reached New World shelves in the North and South Islands and TV advertising to support the packs screened around the nation,
the results started coming in:

  • Please see Bowel Cancer story in FMCG Business News and Facebook page.
  • FMCG magazine share our excitement and reported on the success of the Cottonsoft campaign
    click here…
  • Donations to BCNZ’s website increased by 200% after the campaign kicked off in the second week of May,
    and traffic to the site doubled as Kiwis flocked there to learn more about the disease. BCNZ’s Facebook likes also increased by 10% in the same period;
  • Across the country, 75% of the 20,000 packs sold within a week, and sold out completely in two days at Ashburton New World and in five days at Carterton
    New World;
  • Overall, the Cottonsoft campaign directly raised $20,000 to support National Awareness Month, with $1 from each pack going to BCNZ to help fund its
  • The Herald on Sunday published a piece by BCNZ
    chairperson Mary Bradley that promoted the CottonSofts packs;
  • NEXT Magazine
    supported the cause via its Facebook page;
  • Dunedin TV
    spoke to local BCNZ ambassador Leonie Day about the disease;
  • The Otago Daily Times reported on the campaign and published a photo of the
    attention-getting inflatable bowel set up outside Otago Museum;
  • Kiwi Families
    published a guest blog by Mary Bradley that mentioned Cottonsoft’s support of bowel cancer awareness;
  • Supermarket News
    reported on the success of the Cottonsoft campaign.

The CottonSofts 24-packs featured a list of bowel cancer symptoms, which can include bleeding from the bottom, changed bowel habits and abdominal pain.

National Awareness Month has now come to an end, but it’s always a good time to show you ‘give a crap’. You can lend your support to the bowel cancer by
making a donation to BCNZ through its site,, which contains a wealth of information about symptoms, treatment, prevention and more.