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CottonSofts sponsor “One Thing You Can Live Without” Beat Bowel Cancer Campaign

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world, over 3,000 diagnosed yearly and approximately 1,200 losing their lives annually. It’s a statistic BCNZ would like to not have, and a thing we could live without as a country.

Treatment isn’t reaching Kiwis fast enough, due to people ignoring their symptoms, being afraid to speak up and not knowing what to do. It’s NZ’s biggest diagnosed cancer, but on the flipside, if caught early, it’s one of the most treatable.
With help from NZ, BCNZ would like to not have one of the highest rates of bowel cancer and BCNZ has a way for people anywhere in the country to make this happen.

CottonSofts is proud of our long term partnership with Bowel Cancer New Zealand. We are pleased to announce we are continuing our sponsorship this year and have done since 2013. Each year we co-ordinate with BCNZ to help drive awareness and raise money for Bowel Cancer. This year we are supporting their exciting Live Without trade me campaign, to raise money for BCNZ. We can’t live without our loved ones but we can live without some of our stuff!

One thing you can live without;

We all have too much ‘stuff’.

At the back of every cupboard, chest of drawers, in a shed or under the bed there’s stuff Kiwi’s don’t need. That’s why NZ has become a nation of traders, hundreds of thousands of traders, using Trade Me to sell just about anything.

BCNZ’s idea gives people a way to donate without actually giving any money. It helps them rid themselves of one thing they can live without, while helping the country tackle one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world. A thing none of us need.

There’s a lot NZ could easily give up, especially if it was going to help the nation, or even better, save someone’s life. For the month of June BCNZ are going to ask Kiwis to get rid of one thing they can live without to help fight NZ’s high bowel cancer statistic. Partnering with Trade Me, a national call out has been announced for Kiwis to look around their homes and sell one thing they can live without. All funds from each sale will be directed straight to Bowel Cancer New Zealand.

Here are CottonSofts we are donating one whole year’s supply of CottonSofts Softy White 12 Pack Toilet Paper worth over $100 RRP to be auctioned off! We are also scrounging around our office and homes to list our one thing we can live without. To bid on auctions or list your own auction, with ALL proceeds going to BCNZ.