A significant number of our retail tissue products are licenced to proudly display the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) ecolabel, giving our customers complete peace of mind and reassurance that we operate sustainably and responsibly.

Initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand Government and operated by The New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust , ECNZ operates to internationally recognised standards and principles. It recognises the genuine moves made by manufacturers to reduce the environmental impacts of their products and provides a credible and independent guide for consumers who want to purchase products with lower environmental impact.

The New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust is a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) which is a partnership of over 75 environmental and sustainable development organisations coordinated by the United Nations Environment programme.

  • The ECNZ ecolabel requirements for sanitary paper cover environmental legal compliance, sustainable fibre sourcing, hazardous substance use, emissions to air and water, energy and waste management, packaging and product performance. Assessments also included chain of custody controls from the forest, through the pulp mill, and paper mill and Cottonsofts converting plants.
  • The ECNZ ecolabel is recognised by overseas governments and agencies for its robust assessment criteria. Under the ECNZ standard for sanitary paper (link), Cottonsoft demonstrated that our fibre is from legally harvested sources. It is required that no virgin input (including forest waste and wood sources) is sourced from native forests unless they are they are licensed under PEFC or FSC as sustainably managed.
  • The ENCZ ecolabel offers a sure, simple guide to consumers to a better purchasing choice of environmental products.

The ECNZ licence builds on our PEFC chain of custody certification, giving our customers complete peace of mind and reassurance that Cottonsoft operates sustainably and responsibly.

Click here to see our ECNZ Licence.