Does Cottonsoft manufacture its retail products in New Zealand?

Yes. We make our New Zealand retail product ranges of toilet tissue and  paper towels in our two converting plants in Auckland and Dunedin.

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Do Cottonsoft’s retail products use certified paper?

A significant number of our retail tissue products are licenced to proudly display the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) ecolabel, giving our customers complete peace of mind and reassurance that we operate sustainably and responsibly. The ECNZ ecolabel offers a sure, simple guide to a better purchasing choice of environmental products.

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What is PEFC?

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is the world’s largest forest certification system and assures that our products come from sustainable sources.

A PEFC certification is one of two globally recognised certification schemes that ensure wood material is legal, traceable and from sustainably managed forests.

Our manufacturing plants have PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification. This carries a responsibility to ensure 100% of our raw materials are either PEFC CoC certified or are non-controversial sources under PEFC guidelines.

We require our suppliers of jumbo rolls to complete a Supplier Evaluation and Risk Assessment (SERA) to ensure the jumbo rolls we use to manufacture our products have been produced from sources that are sustainable and comply with at least one of the following certification/verification schemes.

  • Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification PEFC Chain of Custody – which “ensures that claims about products originating in sustainably managed forests are credible and verifiable throughout the whole supply chain”.
  • The Indonesian Eco labelling Institute (LEI) Chain of Custody – which certifies that the product is produced from a source that is managed based on environmental values, economical principles, and social norms.
  • Timber Legality & Traceability Verification (TLTV) – an independent third party verification that “assures forest management companies as well as everyone else working within the timber supply chain that timber products are produced in compliance with the relevant legality and chain of custody criteria”.
  • Non-Controversial under PEFC Guidelines – verification that the product has originated from a source that has been legally verified according to non-controversial requirements under PEFC guidelines.

For more information on PEFC Chain of Custody, please visit www.pefc.org.

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Are there other forestry certification standards?

Yes. There are two internationally recognised certification schemes in the world, the largest of which is PEFC.  Both schemes prompt substantial and important changes in forest management to improve environmental, social and economic outcomes.  To date, more than 8000 companies have obtained PEFC Chain of Custody certification, including Cottonsoft Ltd.

In May 2013, after a detailed and robust audit of our existing fibre sourcing, a significant number of Cottonsoft retail products were licenced to proudly display the Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) ecolabel giving our customers complete peace of mind and reassurance that we operate sustainably and responsibly.

The ECNZ ecolabel is recognised by overseas governments and agencies as setting the standard for global best practice in its assessment specifications. Under the Environmental Choice standard for sanitary papers, which governed the Cottonsoft assessment, we demonstrated that all our virgin fibre is from legally harvested sources. It is required that no virgin input (including forest waste and wood sources) is sourced from native forests unless they are licensed under the PEFC, or its equivalent (FSC), as sustainably managed.

The ECNZ seal builds on our existing PEFC certification, allowing our customers to have complete piece of mind and reassurance that Cottonsoft operates sustainably and responsibly.

Click here to see our ECNZ Licence.

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How can I contact Cottonsoft with questions or comments?

Please contact Cottonsoft Customer Services during normal business hours toll free on 0508 26 88 66.

Alternatively, you can fax us on 0800 26 88 66 or email us.

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Are any Cottonsoft products manufactured from recycled materials?

Yes our EarthSmart 360° has 100% recycled paper as the toilet tissue. The toilet tissue is not bleached with chlorine during recycling and has no added dyes or fragrances. It is also biodegradable and safe in septic tanks.

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Paper Towel

How is Tuffy made?

The tissue paper for Tuffy Paper Towels is made in a similar manner to the tissue paper produced for toilet tissue.  The towel tissue is thicker and heavier with conditioners added to give strength when the paper is wet.

Paper towels are available in 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply varieties.  The plies are embossed with a synchronised pattern and bonded together using lamination adhesive to add strength.

Is it OK to use Tuffy paper towels in the microwave? Even printed towels?

Please consult your microwave oven manual on how to use paper towels in the microwave correctly. It is safe to use a printed Tuffy towel in the microwave. Note: Any paper product may burn if used improperly in microwave ovens.

Why can’t I find my favourite Tuffy towel?

We offer many choices in Tuffy paper towels as consumer preferences vary. Each store chooses which variants they wish to stock. If the store you regularly shop at does not have the variant that you are after, please ask the store manager. Please be aware that our printed paper towels are packed in mixed outers and the store is not able to order in a bag of one particular pattern. It is also possible that the design you like is temporarily sold out or is a ‘limited edition’ range.

What is the advantage of using a Tuffy paper towel rather than a cloth or sponge in my home?

Germs thrive in wet, warm environments so the cloths and sponges that you use to clean around your home may be an ideal breeding ground. A Tuffy paper towel cleans up the mess and can be disposed of easily taking the germs with it. Using a paper towel for cleaning and spills also helps eliminate the spread of germs around your home.

Can Tuffy paper towels be used for cleaning glass?

Yes.  It is advisable when cleaning windows to do it in the morning or out of direct sunlight as heat and the sun cause the windows to streak as the cleaning agent dries too quickly.

Can printed Tuffy paper towels be used for general cleaning?

We recommend white towels or the white side of a printed towel when using any household cleaner. Printed towels, when used with household cleaning products could leave some dye on the surface being cleaned.

What should I do if I can’t find my favourite Tuffy paper towel?

Contact the store manager at your local supermarket and let them know which product you are after. If you’re looking for a particular print design, it may be temporarily out of stock. Finally if you can’t find what you want, email us.

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Toilet Tissue

How is CottonSofts and KiwiSoft toilet tissue made?

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Are CottonSofts or KiwiSoft or Paseo toilet tissues biodegradable?

Yes. An unbleached toilet tissue product is the safest for use in Septic tanks. CottonSofts, KiwiSoft and Paseo are made from virgin fibre from legally harvested sources and are oxygen bleached. They are therefore 100 percent biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

Are CottonSofts or KiwiSoft toilet tissues safe for septic tank systems?

Yes.  An unbleached toilet tissue product is the safest for use in septic tanks.  CottonSofts and KiwiSoft are made from virgin fibre from legally harvested sources and are oxygen bleached. They are therefore 100 percent biodegradable and safe for septic tanks.

Why is my favourite CottonSofts toilet tissue not available in my supermarket

Within our CottonSofts range of products there are several pack sizes and designs. However each store stocks a range in accordance to their Head Office listings and/or at their own discretion. If you are unable to find a CottonSofts product that you particularly want, please ask your store manager at your local supermarket. Alternatively our Customer Services team would be happy to let you know which of your local supermarkets stocks the product you are after. Please email us.

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