Rimba Raya Forest Conservation Project Cottonsoft NZ

What is the Rimba Raya conservation project?

64,000 Hectares of Tropical forest and Peat swamps.
That’s 63,948 Rugby Fields!
Huge Biodiversity
As many as 1,000 plant & animal species per hectare.
Home of the Sun Bear and Borneon Orangutan.

Where is Rimba Raya?

Borneo, Indonesia

So why is this conservation project significant?

Location: Proximity to the equator ‘natures hot house’
Size: Project has global scale.
Tropical rainforest: High growth, fast regeneration.
Peat Swamp: One of the worlds most efficient carbon sinks.
Rimba Raya absorbs a MASSIVE 3.5M tons of carbon earch year. Thats Cottonsoft NZs annual emissions almost every 4 hours. Rimba Raya was earmaked for development…


Buffer zone between plantations and national parks.
Local community proactively involved in the conservation project.

Why is Cottonsoft NZ a supporter of Rimba Raya?

Most tissue used to make Cottonsoft toilet paper, tissues & paper towel is sourced from Indonesia. RRF Rapidly Reweable Fibre is grown in plantation forests enjoying the same ‘natures hot house’ benefits as Rimba Raya.
$50k+ Cottosoft NZ has made a significatn contribution to Rimba Raya.
Supporting the launch of EarthSmart Carbon neutral