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New recyclable paper pack


  • No plastic coating or layers
  • Repulpable in local recycling processes
  • Recycle at kerbside
    • This product meets PTS RH 021/97 Category 2 paper recycling standard in combination with normal kerbside paper collection
  • Packaging is made in NZ with local & imported materials
  • Sustainably sourced certified paper

Recycled Core

  • 100% recycled, Made in NZ

Toilet Tissue – from 100% Recycled Paper

  • 100% Recycled Waste Paper
  • Sourced from ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015
  • De-inked – enabling a wider range of papers to be recycled such as photocopy paper & glossy paper like magazines
  • Not bleached with chlorine during recycling
  • No added dyes and fragrances
  • Biodegradable and safe in septic tanks
  • Made in New Zealand from local & imported materials.

EarthSmart 100% recycled comes in the ever popular 12 pack size for your families convenience.

EarthSmart 100% recycled also comes in a double length 6 pack. As well as making your life easier with less roll changes, our double length helps to lower our environmental footprint even further.

For example delivering more tissue in less packaging and with less transport impact*

*Vs standard length rolls

EarthSmart is committed to improving the local NZ environment. Therefore we are proud to support the EarthSmart Wetland Restoration Projects, improving the natural habitat of native birds, flora and fauna through wetland rehabilitation.

Wetlands are now some of our most rare and at-risk ecosystems. EarthSmart is committed to do our part and to improving the local NZ environment.

  • Planting over 1000 native trees and flaxes & Manuka
  • Controlling pests, weeds and flooding / erosion
  • Fencing utilising EarthSmart Futureposts – recycled from soft plastic.
  • Kaiwaka, Waiterium, Whanganui and Fielding so far….
  • A project that will literally grow with the EarthSmart brand

Made in New Zealand