The famous KiwiSoft range of toilet tissue with its distinctive Kiwi character and bold pack colours has long been a brand for New Zealanders. With its famous Kiwisoft ‘value for money’ offer, KiwiSoft toilet tissue ensures you are never caught short.

KiwiSoft prides itself on delivering good quality toilet tissue at a really good price. KiwiSoft also believes that households looking for value shouldn’t have to compromise on style, so that’s why we give you the choice of fun printed tissue or the ever popular white.

KiwiSoft is proudly made in New Zealand, which means that every time you purchase KiwiSoft you can feel confident that you’ll be getting our famous KiwiSoft value.

The ever popular KiwiSoft range of quality 2ply white toilet tissue with its distinctive Kiwi icon and bold green pack colour, offers every Kiwi home ‘value for money’.

KiwiSoft Unscented White is available in a range of convenient family pack sizes; 12s, 18s

The KiwiSoft Unscented Printed offer of quality 2ply printed toilet tissue with its distinctive Kiwi icon and bold blue pack colour, offers every Kiwi home ‘value for money’ with a little something special with its subtle print design.

KiwiSoft Unscented Print is available in a convenient ‘value for money’ pack size of 12s.

For a limited time, KiwiSoft White Promotion packs are available in ‘monster value’ 32 and 40 pack sizes in selected supermarkets nationwide.

KiwiSoft uses PEFC certified paper. This means that the products are made from sustainable managed forests and controlled resources. For more information, click on the PEFC logo or visit our Sustainability page.

All KiwiSoft products are biodegradable and safe in septic tanks. Recyclable plastic wrapper and cardboard centre.

KiwiSoft is proudly New Zealand made from local and imported materials.