From food preparation to the daily messes of life, Tuffy can tackle any job.

Tuffy kitchen towels are ultra-strong and thick thanks to its unique quad weave technology, dual textured paper. You can depend on Tuffy for absorbency and strength, perfect for cleaning up everyday spills, kitchen food preparation or for Tuffer jobs that require a bit more back up.

Whether it’s in or around the home, inside or outside, there’s a Tuffy towel to tackle it all.

Meet the Tuffy team

Tuffy Double Length 2ply 2 Pack = 4 standard Tuffy rolls.

With the same strength and absorbency of a standard Tuffy roll, Tuffy Double Length means you’ll have the confidence to tackle any job, plus you won’t run out as often. Proudly NZ made, Tuffy is biodegradable, food and microwave safe and sustainably sourced.

Tuffy 3ply paper towels have EXTRA strength and absorbency, giving you the confidence to tackle those Tuffer jobs. Proudly NZ made, Tuffy is biodegradable, food and microwave safe and sustainably sourced.

Tuffy Long Roll 4 pack = 6 standard rolls

Proudly New Zealand made

Hardworking Tuffy has proven strength and absorbency thanks to its unique Quad-Weave technology and thick, 2 ply dual textured paper. Tuffy is food friendly, hygienically disposable and biodegradable, supporting better hygiene for BBQ, kitchen and food applications. It also absorbs even the largest spills, leaving your home clean and hygienic. Plus with 50% longer rolls you wont run out as often.

Tuffy is sourced from rapidly renewable fibre from sustainably managed forests. Its also ECNZ certifed and a foundation member of the soft plastics recycling program; so a positive environmental choice; Tuffy tackles any job!

Tuffy Long Roll 4 pack. 50% more sheets per roll. Equivalent to a Tuffy 6 pack

Tuffy XL wipes - 40 pack

20cm x 30cm sheets - Up to 50% bigger than a standard cleaning wipe.

Thick, strong, effective & convenient cleaning in one XL wipe. For wiping kitchen surfaces clean or tuffer jobs like BBQ;s ovens and rangehoods. They are Tuff on GREASE while soft on SKIN with naturally derived cleansers and olive oil infusion to leave hands soft. Recyclable plastic packaging. Wipes are made from Viscose and PET fibre so are NOT flushable or biodegradable, though can be washed and re-used. Dispose of in general waste.

*50% bigger sheets than leading supermarket cleaning wipes. Big 20x30cm sheets vs. most competitor 20x20 (or smaller) sheets.

Tuffy Tip

Please do not flush Tuffy XL Wipes, dispose of in general waste.

Tuffy White in its distinctive fresh blue packaging, is an unprinted white paper towel.

It is incredibly versatile with so many every day uses.

Ideal for cleaning windows, food preparation, in the garage and general household chores. Great for those accidental spills, a convenient and quick placemat for kids’ snacks and for general use ‘out and about’ at picnics, BBQs and camping.

Tuffy White is available in 2, 4 and 6 packs.

Have fun with the Tuffy Lifestyle Prints paper towel with its fun family prints.

Look for delightful designs of butterflies, pears and oranges, summer flowers, party time and beach fun or for the classic Kiwi favourite, jandals.

Tuffy Lifestyle Prints is available in a convenient 2 pack.

The first paper towel of its kind in New Zealand!

An innovation to the Tuffy paper towel range, Tuffy Pick-a-Length lets you decide how much paper towel to use!

With 108 smaller sheets on each roll, the extra perforations mean that you can pick a length; longer for those really big messes or short for a quick clean up; you choose. The options are endless!

So now there is no excuse not to get a grip on even the littlest messes all around your home.

No job is too small or too big for the Tuffy Pick-a-length paper towel.

Tuffy Pick-a-Length is available in a convenient 2 pack.

Tuffy tackles any job

Lani says... I wrap my sons sandwiches in one paper towel & put in their sandwich container. That way they can wipe their hands & face after eating their sandwich & not use their sleeve, and I use the paper towels in my kitchen to line the drawers and pantry cupboard. This helps with any accidental spills that can be absorbed fast. This also helps me to easily keep my drawers & shelves clean. Leaves no marks on the shelves, especially from the pots.

Kim says... To avoid doing dishes, I use a paper towel as a plate for my fruit in the afternoon; cut my orange, eat my orange & then clean up after myself.

Tim says... Seat covers at Eden Park for the losing team (could be useful for the Australian team!)

Simone says... Line the fresh veggie bin in the fridge with paper towels to keep them fresh. Makes cleaning the bin easier too.

Michelle says... To tuck into the top of you shirt to keep your clothes clean, because it doesn’t matter how big your mouth is, sometimes the fork or spoon just misses.

Nadine says... Most excellent for drying fish fillets for freezing/vacuum packing - keeps them firm & fresher by removing excess water. Great for microwave splatter.

Wendy says... Substitute for a plate (sandwiches/toast/crackers) - saves on dishes.

Anthony says... Good for wiping the oil off the dipstick when checking your oil and works well as a substitute grease paper when deep frying, especially for weekend bacon and eggs. Soaks up all the excess fat from bacon.

Jacqui says... Very hygienic for use in the bathroom and toilet, instead of using a cloth or rag as it has no germs!!

Kristie says... Red wine spills, dog vomit on kitchen floor and cleaning the BBQ.

Mary says... Great for using to cook jacket potatoes and corn cobs in the microwave.

Katherine says... Floor wipes for toddlers. Face wipes for toddlers. Hand wipes for toddlers. Have toddlers, need paper towels!

Mandy says... Placemats for messy little kids at the table - just fold up afterwards and throw out. I always use paper towels to clean the windows.

Felicity says... Drying the dog, cleaning the loo seat and floor.

Catherine says... Drawing paper for toddlers.

Natalie says... Drain oil from foods, folding up in kids lunch box, clean windows, dry hands, clean up spills, cover food while heating in the microwave, put ice in them and put on bruising for kids plus if you fold them small enough you can pop under a table leg to balance table.

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Tuffy Paper Towels has the ECNZ licence. For more information, click on the ECNZ logo or visit our Sustainability page.

Tuffy Paper Towels uses PEFC certified paper. This means that the products are made from sustainable managed forests and controlled resources. For more information, click on the PEFC logo or visit our Sustainability page.

All Tuffy Paper Towels products are biodegradable. Recyclable plastic wrapper and cardboard centre.

Tuffy Paper Towels is proudly New Zealand made from local and imported materials.

Help take care of our environment

DO NOT FLUSH Please dispose of in GENERAL WASTE