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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is an annual initiative of Bowel Cancer NZ running throughout June to raise public awareness of a disease that claims the lives of 100 New Zealanders every month. June is also when this fantastic charity raises funds so they can keep supporting bowel cancer patients and their families (whanau).

Bowel Cancer NZ works tirelessly to reduce the impact of bowel cancer in this country through lifesaving awareness, education, advocacy, research and support.

CottonSofts have been a key sponsor of BCNZ for seven years now, and we are proud to be helping promote this year’s MOVE YOUR BUTT challenge.

Every move you make in June can literally make a difference. Taking part is easy; all you need to do is sign up, challenge yourself to move more in any way you choose, get sponsored and raise funds. Every dollar goes a long way so get your family, friends and workplace to join in.

Visit www.moveyourbutt.org.nz to find out how you can make a difference today!

If you would simply prefer to donate to Bowel Cancer Awareness Month you can do that here or directly to their bank account - Bowel Cancer New Zealand Incorporated 38 9010 0509792 00

In May 2013, Cottonsoft became a proud sponsor and supporter of Bowel Cancer New Zealand (BCNZ). The charity, founded in 2010 by a group of people affected by bowel cancer, with the support of clinicians, is committed to improving bowel cancer awareness among the general public and health professionals.

The charity aims to provide clear, up-to-date information about the disease, symptoms, what to do if diagnosed and treatments.

The long term partnership with BCNZ will see a collaborative approach to projects, including spreading the awareness message during the charity’s 2013 Bowel Cancer Awareness Week (3-9 June 2013) and future events. Cottonsoft shares BCNZ’s aim to raise awareness of the disease with frank discussion, education and drive to improve the screening process across the country.

The statistics on bowel cancer in New Zealand alone are startling:

  • Each year, more than 1,200 New Zealand lives are lost to bowel cancer and almost 3,000 New Zealanders are newly diagnosed - making it our most common cancer affecting both men and women.
  • Bowel cancer is also New Zealand’s second most deadly cancer. Currently, New Zealanders diagnosed with bowel cancer have only a 55% chance of surviving more than five years. BCNZ believes that this could increase, conservatively, to a 75% chance with improved screening and treatment, as well as heightened public awareness of symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis. If there are delays in diagnosis or treatment, the cancer can spread and chances of survival are reduced.

Watch this space for further information about Cottonsoft’s partnership with BCNZ and how we are getting behind the cause.

For more information on BCNZ and how you can donate to the cause, please visit www.beatbowelcancer.org.nz.