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Supermarket purchases of CottonSofts and Tuffy lead to surprise summer fun

Winning a prize was the last thing the members of the Kalsi family were thinking about when they picked up packs of CottonSofts toilet tissue and Tuffy paper towels at their local Countdown in Gisborne.

Trade issues tabled as Indonesian delegation travels down under

As the chief executive of APP affiliates Solaris Paper Australia and Cottonsoft New Zealand, I was invited to join the Indonesian delegation that travelled with the Minister of Trade, His Excellency Gita Wirjawan, during his visit to Auckland and Canberra in the second week of October 2012.

Eyes on environment as bilateral trade with Indonesia takes off

Though most of the general chatter surrounding international trade seems to be about Australia and China, I suspect that behind some ministerial doors a great deal of time is spent on New Zealand’s relationship with Indonesia, and the ever-widening trade channel with the world’s fourth most populous nation.

Cottonsoft taking extra measures to reassure consumers of sustainability

‘New kid on the block’ leads the way with Sustainability Roadmap

Cottonsoft welcomes new forest protection policies announced by APP

Tissue and toilet paper manufacturer Cottonsoft has welcomed a raft of new sustainability measures by its Indonesia-based supplier Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP).

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