Livi is a world-class paper and hygiene brand servicing the Away From Home market. Quality and range make Livi an ideal choice for New Zealand businesses that value flexibility and cost-effectiveness without compromising on comfort or hygiene.

The Livi range consists of three tiered product levels tailored to suit differing business needs.

Livi Everyday is a competitively priced range of toilet tissue and hand towels perfect for high volume facilities.

Livi Essentials provides an everyday reliable and moderate range of toilet tissue, hand towel and facial tissue that is suitable for both high and low volume areas.

For a luxury offering, Livi Impressa is an ultra-premium range of toilet tissue, hand towels and facial tissue with softness and quality that will leave a lasting impression.

Livi Dispenser Range

We have a wide range of toilet tissue, hand towel, paper towel and soap dispensers to complement our product offering. Our core range of black and white dispensers are classic in look, and provide excellent functionality, efficiency and reliability. We also offer bold coloured dispensers that can make a statement in any washroom.

We can also help with:

  • Livi Care specialist range
  • Commercial needs such as wipes and soap
  • Tuffy Commercial paper towel and cleaning wipes
  • EarthSmart recycled tissue range and baby wipes

To explore the full range of options for Kiwi businesses, head to the Livi website .