Cottonsoft Limited Environmental Statement

Cottonsoft is committed to achieving exemplary environmental performance, both in the operations and actions at Cottonsoft facilities, and through the demands we place on our suppliers.


  • Complies with all relevant local and national environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Continues to improve its environmental operations, including waste management, energy management, water management and the management of hazardous substances and other emissions.
  • Ensures its employees are properly trained and aware of their responsibilities and how they can have a positive influence on the company’s environmental performance.

Cottonsoft supplier partners are expected to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to continued development and improvement in environmental practices of all facilities and operations, including continuous efforts to adopt best practices in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Operate and source our materials from sustainably managed forests.
  • Is governed by Asia Pulp and Paper’s Forest Conservation Policy.
  • Demonstrate with suppliers a commitment to conservation of important bio-diverse natural habitats.
  • Actively participate in bettering the communities in which we develop and manufacture products, including operating in full compliance with employment law and all relevant international labour agreements in all dealings with employees and communities they serve.
  • Maintain and publish relevant procurement and commitment to sustainability policies that support responsible purchasing and forestry practices.
  • Maintain healthy and safe work environments that apply industry best practices and meet all local legal requirements.

Cottonsoft operates an environmental management system that incorporates targets and objectives. Cottonsoft will regularly review the adequacy of its policy, management system, objectives and targets. Cottonsoft will commit to regularly communicate its policies to its employees and supplier partners, as well as support necessary education and training programs to help facilitate compliance with this policy.

Steve Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer

July 2013